Equity Outlook from Janus Capital

Some pictures from Q3 Global Equity Outlook of Janus Capital



Danger Part:

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Cloudy Part:

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Historically, when VIX – as the collective expectation of future volatility – is highest, the market’s subsequent three months are better than more benign risk environments スクリーンショット 2016-07-26 20.38.38スクリーンショット 2016-07-26 20.39.10


Sanguine Part:


Health care: Innovation still matters most and nowhere is innovation more profound, more long lasting and timelier than in the health care sector
Technology: The cloud revolution continues – the two key trends are the adoption of cloud computing and the Internet of Things

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in a slow-growth environment, firms will look to buy market share, rather than invest and build it organically
M&A revalues sectors and signals confidence
“we anticipate that technology, health care and industrials will see the most M&A activity”

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What is the key determinant moving markets?

UBS Investor Forum – July 2016



Topic 2. What is the key determinant moving markets?

  1. central bank policy
    – central bank are able and committed enough to create reflation, then this will be fixed income bearish in terms of high duration
    – next 6 to 9 months, rates, what happens and what passed, in particular the fed’s
    – almost the half of the FOMC are not economists, they are lawyers, that’s actually a serious problem: a legitimate issue that move away from economic model, you tend to end up with instinct policy making
  2. economic fundamental
    – fed is irrelevant now, it’s all about global growth because this is missing, it’s the lack of global growth, the lack of investment, still pretty low business confidence
  3. politics
    – that’s thing people underestimating and making people change their view on fixed income quickly



Topic 1. Hedging – portfolio protection in uncertain times