Market Dynamism

This topic is related to The Rise of Market Power and the Implications and A world dominated by Giants

papers that argue High market dynamism

The changing nature of competition in the US manufacturing sector, 1950—2002
LG Thomas, R D’Aveni – Strategic Organization, 2009

The age of temporary advantage RA D’Aveni, GB Dagnino… – Strategic management …, 2010

The rise in firm-level volatility: Causes and consequences D Comin, T Philippon – NBER macroeconomics annual, 2005

Survival and size mobility among the world’s largest 100 industrial corporations, 1912-1995 L Hannah – The American Economic Review, 1998

Marshall’s” Trees” and the Global” Forest”- Were” Giant Redwoods” Different? L Hannah – Learning by doing in markets, firms, and countries, 1999


papers that argue lowing market dynamism

*Changes in Persistence of Performance Over Time VM Bennett, CM Gartenberg – 2016

The Other Aging of America: The Increasing Dominance of Older Firms I Hathaway, R Litan – Brookings Institution, 2014

Declining business dynamism in the United States: A look at states and metros I Hathaway, RE Litan – Brookings Institution, 2014

The secular decline in business dynamism in the US R Decker, J Haltiwanger, R Jarmin… – … draft, University of …, 2014

Declining business dynamism: Implications for productivity
RA Decker, J Haltiwanger, RS Jarmin… – … Center Working Paper …, 2016

Declining Entrepreneurship, Labor Mobility, and Business Dynamism: A Demand-Side Approach
M Konczal, M Steinbaum – New York, NY: The Roosevelt …, 2016


Low formation and start-up

What’s Driving the Decline in the Firm Formation Rate? A Partial Explanation
I Hathaway, RE Litan – The Brookings Institution, 2014

A Start-Up Slump Is a Drag on the Economy. Big Business May Be to Blame. nonacademic summing-up



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