Firm in Agency theory: Classics

Agency Problems and the Theory of the Firm EF Fama – Journal of political economy, 1980 (13401)

The theory of the firm BR Holmstrom, J Tirole – Handbook of industrial organization, 1989 (1419)

Multitask principal-agent analyses: Incentive contracts, asset ownership, and job design B Holmstrom, P Milgrom – Journal of Law, Economics, & Organization, 1991 (6381)

The firm as an incentive system B Holmstrom, P Milgrom – The American Economic Review, 1994 (1457)

The boundaries of the firm revisited B Holmström, J Roberts – The Journal of Economic Perspectives, 1998 (1327)

The firm as a subeconomy B Holmstrom – Journal of Law, Economics, and organization, 1999 (713)

Others in agency and incentive theory:

Aggregation and linearity in the provision of intertemporal incentives B Holmstrom, P Milgrom – Econometrica: Journal of the Econometric Society, 1987 (3161)

Short-term contracts and long-term agency relationships D Fudenberg, B Holmstrom, P Milgrom – Journal of economic theory, 1990 (634)

Agency theory: An assessment and review KM Eisenhardt – Academy of management review, 1989 (11865)

The economics of modern manufacturing: Technology, strategy, and organization P Milgrom, J Roberts – The American Economic Review, 1990 (3341)

Complementarities and fit strategy, structure, and organizational change in manufacturing P Milgrom, J Roberts – Journal of accounting and economics, 1995 (2539)


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