Research Interests

A list for my doctor program in the next 3, 4, 5 years


Research Interests (content):

1. the economic institution of post-war Japanese economy (Economic History)

a) Japanese-style market/enterprise system (origin, forming, change, mechanism)

i) intro-firm relationship: life-time employment, personnel system, …

ii) inter-organization relationship: subcontracting system*, keiretsu or cross-shareholding, mainbank system, industrial policy, …

2. empirical study on organizational ecology (firms and industries in Japan as target)

a) firm’s life expectancy*

b) organizational obsolescence & organizational senescence

c) the impact of large firms on industry/market groups

d) the relationship with group density and organizational performance


Research interest (theory)

1. new institutional economics, transaction cost theory

2. contract theory (also involves some information theory and game theory)

3. organizational economics


* indicates main focus


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