Buy-side Reports

A response to request.

The following are the sources of buy-side reports that I gathered for study.  At first I aimed on all fund management firms in Japan as I am recently looking for a job here. Soon I found that the firms with qualified reports are often multinational ones and thus changed my focus.

And this is also partly the origin of this blog.

Rates are absolutely subjective.

Number with <m <y indicates the frequency of update.

And, of course, they are incomplete.


English part

AM G R rate status URL
Aberdeen *** Thinkaloud(20<m), insights (10<y)
Western Asset **** White papers(4m), the economy(4m), etc
AB ***** Economic Commentaries (4m), Insights blog(<30m)
PICTET *** Latest news, comment and analysis(<5m)
LEGG MASON **** Market outlook + Investment insights (<10m), Chart of the week
Fidelity ** Investment outlook (1q), articles
PICMO **** Insights (<30m)
AXA IM **** Research news(10<m)
Russell Investment *** Insights for institutional investors (<5m)
Princial Global Investors ** Insights exept rountine (<3m)
BNY MELLON *** Investment Insight(<5m)
PINEBRIDGE Investment ***** Commentary (10<m), Thought papers (10<y)
CAPITAL GROUP **** Macro/market views (7<m)
Invesco ** Insights (2m)
Amundi **** research news (<50m)
Schroders ** Insights (<5m)
Barings * Investment update(<2m), Thought pieces (<5y)
Henderson Global Investor * report(<10m)
State Street ** ideas(1w)
PGIM *** insights(<3m)
East Spring ** market insights (<2m), macro briefing (1m)
Franklin Templeton Investments * Investment insight (<2m)
Deutsche Asset Management *** CIO views (<3m)
Goldman Sachs AM *** Insights (<5m)
Blackrock **** Insights (<20m)
Barclays * Insights (<10m)
AQR AM *** Cliff’s Perspective(<2m), library
Two sigma ** Insights(<2m)
Winton Capital ** RESEARCH BRIEFS(<1m)
Man group ** Knowledge(<5y)
GAM * Insights(<10m)
GMO **** Recent research (<2m)


Japanese part

J fund report status address
Aberdeen ** Monthly aisan debt market report and topic report (<5y)
Western Asset ***** White papers(4m), the economy(4m), etc
GCI AM ** Product report
AB Japan ***** Knowledge & market perspective (<10m), report(<5y)
岡三アセマネ ** ファンドマネージャーの眼 (1m), market report(<5m)
Simplex AM
PICTET **** various market news (>30m), news columns (>10m)
LEGG MASON * US AU market news
MU投資顧問 ** research manager report (1m), global outlook (<5m)
レオス・キャピタルワークス * monthly report (1m)
Fidelity * market report (15<m)
PICMO *** Insights overview(5<m)
AXA IM *** Research news(10<m)
Russell Investment *** Report (1q)
Princial Global Investors ** Research report (1y), market report (5<m)
BNY MELLON *** Market report (5<m)
SPARX ** Japanese stock report (1m), asia report (5<y)
PINEBRIDGE Investment ** market memo (10<y)
CAPITAL GROUP *** market view (5<m)
Amundi * market report (<30m)
Schroders ** Insights (<5m)
鎌倉投信 運用報告書 (1m)
Barings * ファンドマネージャー・コメント(1m)
Henderson Global Investor * レポート (<5m)
しんきんアセマネ レポート (<20m)
State Street
PGIM * outlook(<2m)
MFS ** insights(<10y)
East Spring
Franklin Templeton Investments * 市場見通し(<3m)
J Research
Nomura Research Insitution * Financial Research Paper(<2m)
日本総研 * 経済・政策レポート、経営コラム・レポート
大和総研 ** レポート
富士通総研 ** 研究レポート
PWC *** Reports (<3y)
日本ベル研究所 ** リサーチメモ、

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