China = Internet Leader on Many Metrics

China part in the internet trends 2016 report, provided by Hillhouse Capital



China Macro:

Robust service-driven job

~87% of GDP growth comes from China Service Industries

China Services Industries job growth is accelerating and offsetting job losses from Construction / Manufacturing / Agriculture

Income growth

Despite investment slowdown, China Urban disposable income per capita continues to grow (but at a lowering rate)

Internet users:

China Internet Users = 668MM, 49% penetration, the growth rate have been stabled at 6% level

China Mobile Internet Usage Leaders, the big 3, Tencent + Alibaba + Baidu, own 71% of mobile time spent

Daily Mobile Time Spent = ~200 minutes per user, average

Internet Business:

China Internet Traction = Advertising / Commerce / Travel / Financial Services

Trends Often Compare Favorably to USA

– China online advertising overtook TV in 2015 to be the biggest part of total ad spend, 42%  vs. 39% in USA

– China E-commerce companies dominate top retailer rankings, while in USA top retailer are not pure-play E-Commerce except amazon

– China E-Commerce Companies gaining retail share faster than USA Peers

– China Outbound Travel renetration rocketed, and is already world’s biggest outbound tourism spender

– China Smartphone-Based Payment Solutions have high engagement

WeChat payments can drive merchant loyalty & CRM: public account linked with payment enables merchants to reach existing customers for future marketing and CRM

Ant Financial (~$60B Valuation, with 450MM+ AliPay Users) is leveraging Alibaba AliPay scale and building China Financial Services one-stop-shop

China Internet Emerging Momentum: On-Demand

China On-Demand Transportation have been global leader (4B+ Annualized Trips; +4x Y/Y; ~70% Global Share)

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